Gino’s Farm, was born in around 70s, for passion and because before more than today, there was the concept of small production, quality and authenticity. The aim of La Locanda dell’Olmo is get close you to the agricultural world, its history, its traditions, its multiple functions for improving our quality of life. The agriculture, around La Locanda and  more in general all over Italy has always played an important role and has determined the peaceful rhythms of work and the lifestyle that distinguish our countryside. At Gino’s farm we will discover the true meaning of agriculture and livestock: we will realize that there is a time to sow and a time to gather, we will understand the life cycle of plants and living beings, which is made of a time to be born, a time to grow and a time to die. Agriculture teaches us  that you can not have everything at once, but that waiting of the events is the essence of life. The purpose, through Gino. is to promote knowledge of uncommon activity among young people, through a pleasant  day trip to the farm, closely with nature, plants and animals. After the tour there will be a delicious snack offered by Gino with fresh sandwich, served with a good glass of wine for adults.

The cost of  this tour is € 8.00 per person, children are free of charge.








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