Nearby La Locanda dell’Olmo there is the headquarters of the legendary Paolo Brizi’s oil mill, where our guests can discover all stages of olive oil processing and taste the mill products. It is a pleasant activity, also suitable for children, where learning more about one of the most important and appreciated products of the Umbrian territory. The Paolo Brizi’s oil mill is spread over an area of 1000 square meters which includes the machinery room for processing the olives, the area for storage and for bottling, and finally, a welcoming olive oil tasting room. The technique, which maintains the high level product in terms of quality, is the one of cold pressing. The extra virgin olive oil obtained from the processing of this oil mill is “100% complete”, rich in polyphenols, antioxidants that guarantee its stability over time and make it a beneficial food to your health, at the base of the Mediterranean diet. The aim of this mill, is to keep intact the fragrance and the properties of the olives. The specialty of the Paolo Birzi’s oil mill is the Poggiolio, made from hand-picked olives in the olive groves of the family farm, which stretches across the north Orvieto’s hills. This limited production is partially D.O.P. Orvieto’s hills and is a first class olive oil.

Tour + bruschetta tasting: 12 euros per person.


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